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5 Tips for Summer Driving

5 Tips for Summer Driving

Given the state of the weather so far this summer, keeping an umbrella in the boot would be our top tip! There are rumours, though, that the hot weather could return for the August Bank Holiday. On the off-chance this might happen, the Country Vehicles team has come up with 5 tips for summer driving.

Driving in the summer tends to be different to any other time of the year. The distances you cover are greater, energy levels from children are high, and the temperatures can be warm. The last thing you want once you’re on holiday is a trip to the garage, so it’s worth taking a few precautions prior to setting off.

Tip 1: Plan for Losing Your Car Keys

Keys are part of our daily habits; once we move into a new environment the risk of losing your car keys goes up. Days on the beach, meals out, trips to theme parks, all potential scenarios for losing your key fob. Before you set off, find your spare key, or check out your handbook; there’s usually a way to access your car if your remote stops working.

Tip 2: Check Your Tyres

A holiday is the very worst time to have worn tyres, so take time for a bit of tyre maintenance before you go. Use a 20p coin to check the depth of your treads, and look for any obvious damage. Don’t forget to check the pressure in your tyres, too. If you’re towing a caravan, or you have a particularly heavy load you may need to increase the pressure – your handbook will advise.

Tip 3: Keep Your Cool

Is your air conditioning working properly? Have you tested it out this summer yet? If you spot any of these symptoms it’s time to take action:

  • Bad Smells. There’s an odour of mould, gas or sweaty socks.
  • Not Cold Enough? The air from your A/C is cool but not cold.
  • Won’t Turn Off. The system simply won’t stop producing cold air.
  • Rattling on Start-Up. The A/C sounds like there’s something trapped inside.

If any of these are the case, don’t take a chance, book in for a car a/c service.

Tip 4: Can’t See For Sneezing?

Don’t underestimate the effect a bad attack of hay fever can have on you whilst driving. A sneeze blocks out your vision momentarily, so if you’re driving fast you could be putting your passengers in danger. To avoid problems, test out medication that won’t make your drowsy, wear sunglasses to cut down on glare, and close vents to stop pollen invading the car interior.

Tip 5: Dealing With Tractors

For many drivers, tractors are an exotic species of vehicle encountered only on holiday. There are two things to watch out for when stuck behind a tractor. First, they are not legally obliged to indicate during daylight hours, so keep your distance and be prepared for them to turn unexpectedly. Second, don’t get up tight about the speed. If you get irritated you might end up taking risks – it just isn’t worth it.

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

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