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5 Ways to Make Your Tyres Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Your Tyres Last Longer

Lots of Country Vehicles customers are astounded when we tell them they need new tyres. “But I’ve only just changed them!” is a common reply. And it can feel like that, can’t it? Of course tyres take quite a pounding with the amount of driving we tend to do now. And it can feel like you’ve recently changed tyres when it’s actually been a couple of years.

The average life-span of a tyre is – at minimum – 20,000 miles for your front tyres, and twice that for the rear. However, there are a number of factors that will have an impact on their longevity, including your driving style, the weight of your car and the quality of tyre you fit. At Country Vehicles in Shefford we want our customers to get the maximum life from their tyres, so we’ve come up with 5 ways to make your tyres last longer.

1. Check Your Treadwear Rating

You’ll find your tyres’ Treadwear rating on the side of your tyre. The rating range runs between 60 – 620. The higher your rating is, the longer your tyres will last. So a tyre with a rating of 300 will last 3 times as long as a tyre with a rating of 100. Budget tyres have a lower rating, and they wear out faster, so they can often work out more expensive, in the long run, than a higher rated tyre.

2. Have Your Wheel Alignment Checked

It’s not easy to avoid large potholes on our roads, and the jolt they cause can knock your wheel alignment out. If you don’t keep your car correctly aligned you’ll find that you get uneven wear across your front wheels in particular. We would recommend a wheel alignment check after tyre changes, pothole encounters, and any suspension or steering adjustments.

3. Keep Your Pressure Constant and Correct

Most cars now have a dashboard signal for uneven or incorrect tyre pressures. Take notice of it straight away if you want to get maximum use out of your tyres. Over-inflated, or under-inflated tyres will wear more quickly than those kept at the correct pressure. Check out your correct tyre pressure now, so you’ll know it if you need to inflate your tyres.

4. How Do You Drive?

There are 3 driving habits that will increase wear and tear on your tyres:

  • Late braking
  • Poor clutch control
  • Taking corner fast

Each of these behaviours places additional stress on your wheel treads which will cause them to wear out more quickly.

5. Inside or Outside?

Where you keep your car will have an impact on the condition of your tyres. They will naturally degrade over time, as a result of sun, rain, ice and heat. Vehicles which are kept outdoors will normally see a greater impact of the environment on their tyres than those kept in a garage. Inside is best, although our temperate climate won’t have a massive impact, unless your tyres are older.

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

CVS is an independent garage providing local garage services for Shefford and South Bedfordshire. Alongside tyre sales, fitting and maintenance, we also offer vehicle servicing, MOTs, diagnostics and repairs. If you have any concerns about your wheel alignment, or you’re wondering if your tyres need changing, pop in and we’ll check it out for you.

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