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Air Conditioning Recharge Shefford

Air Conditioning Recharge Shefford

Need an Air Conditioning Recharge in South Bedfordshire?

It may not have been the hottest summer on record – but it’s not over yet. There are rumours that the late August Bank Holiday may still deliver the goods. So if you’re heading for the coast with the family it’s worth checking whether your air con is in good working order. No cold air? Not as cold as it used to be? Country Vehicles can restore your car’s cool climate with an air conditioning recharge in Shefford, South Bedfordshire.

3 Benefits of Getting Your Air Conditioning Recharged

Reducing the temperature in your car isn’t the only benefit delivered by an air conditioning recharge:

  1. Saves on Fuel. As the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning drop, the system has to work harder to keep the temperature low. This, in turn, uses more fuel. A fully recharged system works efficiently, and is more fuel efficient.
  2. Reduces Risk of Compressor Failure. The air compressor is a key component in your air conditioning unit. The refrigerant keeps it cool. If you run your air con on low or zero refrigerant, the compressor will heat up and fail. A recharge saves on repairs!
  3. Think Beyond August. We don’t want to be reminded just yet of autumn mornings… But, a quick blast of air con is a great way to de-mist your windscreen. So, getting a recharge now will benefit your car right through to next summer!

What’s Involved in an Air Conditioning Recharge?

To recharge your air con system we remove any traces of existing refrigerant and fill it up with a fresh supply. First, we’ll check to see how much gas there is in the unit. Then we use a vacuum pump to remove the remaining refrigerant and any impurities from the unit. Once done, fresh gas and lubricant is injected into the system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We often get asked how long the process takes. If there’s no problems along the way, an air conditioning recharge in Shefford will take between 45 minutes and an hour. You’ll notice the difference the minute you turn on your A/C  – and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it done sooner! We recommend a recharge every two years.

Will a Recharge Kill the Smell?

Unfortunately the ‘smelly socks’ smell that is so common in air conditioning units won’t be solved by a recharge. This is normally caused by mould or a build up of bacteria in the air conditioner’s evaporator. A debugging treatment is needed to kill any moisture-loving bugs lurking in your unit. CVS technicians can carry this out at the same time as your recharge.

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

If you’ve had a recharge recently, but you’re worried that your air conditioner isn’t working properly, pop in to Country Vehicles, Shefford and we’ll take a quick look. We may recommend an air conditioning service in order to examine every component if there isn’t a simple fix we can offer. We’re a local, independent garage serving South Bedfordshire and we offer our customers a range of services including MOTs, vehicle servicing and repairs.

If you think your vehicle’s due an air conditioning recharge, book in with Country Vehicles, Shefford today. Simply give us a call on 01234 381555 or make a booking online.