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How long is it since you had your air-con serviced? If you can’t remember, it’s worth turning it up to full to check the temperature. If it’s not icy cold, or the air pressure is low, you’re most probably in need of a re-gas and air conditioning service.

An efficient air conditioning system does more than simply cool down your car’s interior. It also filters out airborne bacteria, pollutants and pollen. An air-con service often gets forgotten because it's not part of the MOT test and needs to be requested as part of your regular car service.

Country Vehicles engineers offers a complete service of your air-con, and a recharging of the refrigerant. We’ll hand your car back with A/C in perfect working order.

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An Air Conditioning Service

An air con service will include an inspection of the system, re-gassing, and a debugging:

    Re-gassing - This is a simple procedure that requires the removal of residual refrigerant oil and gas from the system. It's then recharged according to your manufacturer's recommendations.
    Inspection and Repairs - One of the most common problems with air conditioning is the development of leaks which allows the gas to escape. We'll apply a vacuum test and repair leaks if necessary.
    • De-bugging- If you're starting to get unpleasant odours wafting out of your air con it could be down to mould or bacteria that builds up, over time, on the condenser. We decontaminate your system and remove bad smells.

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