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Autumn Driving Safety Tips

Autumn Driving Safety Tips

5 Autumn Driving Safety Tips

Ah Autumn, season of mists and driving in the dark once more. There’s plenty of pleasures associated with Autumn; the spectacular reds and yellows, bonfire night and Halloween. But the change of season also brings a distinct change in the weather, and with it the need to prepare our vehicles for the winter.

The Country Vehicles team has come up with 5 Autumn driving safety tips:

1. Prepare for Autumnal Glare

Sunny autumnal days are a delight, but be aware that the sun lies lower in the sky at this time of year, and this can cause ‘glare’ problems for drivers. To counteracts this:

  • Sort out any cracks or chips in your windscreen, as they can make the glare worse.
  • Get your windscreen squeaky clean; dirt or film reduces vision.
  • Have sunglasses to hand, and slow down if the glare is too intense.
  • Be aware that glare affects all drivers, so be extra careful on the road.

2. Check Your Lights

It could be a few months since you were dependent on your vehicle lights, so now is a good time to check them. The easiest way to do this is with someone standing checking each light whilst you run through them. Dashing back and forwards to do it all yourself can lead to you forgetting some. If you have any lights out, change the bulb, or pop in to Country Vehicles in Shefford and we’ll do it for you.

3. Inspect Your Tyres

If you’ve been putting off changing your tyres, the Autumn is definitely the time to get it done. Wet leaves make the road more difficult to grip, and icy conditions could take you by surprise. If you are wondering whether or not your tyres need changing, there’s a simple test you can do to check the tread. The AA recommends a 3mm tread for winter, and 1.66mm is the legal requirement.

4. Need a New Battery?

Your battery is more likely to let you down once the cold weather kicks in, so if yours is more than 5 years old it’s worth getting it replaced. Many drivers have been using their vehicles for short journeys, once in a while, over the pandemic problem. This kind of usage can prove a drain on your battery as it never recharges properly. The CVS team can test the charge in your battery for you, so drop in to find out if you need a replacement.

5. Adjust Your Braking Distance

Weather has an impact on the braking distance needed between one vehicle and another. Rain mixed with mud and wet leaves can easily double the distance required. And that’s without factoring in the poor visibility that goes with this time of the year. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and don’t take any chances.

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