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Bad Driving Habits

Bad Driving Habits

5 Bad Driving Habits – That Could be Harming Your Car

How long have you been a driver? The longer you’ve been behind the wheel, the more likely that you will have picked up some bad driving habits along the way. At Country Vehicles in Shefford, the bad habits we care about are the ones that do damage to the car along the way – we never like to see customers spending out when they don’t need to…

So, here are the CVS chart-topping bad driving habits to avoid, if you want to maximise the life of your car:

1. Riding the Clutch

Your clutch is an item that isn’t covered by warranty, so it’s worth taking good care of it if you want to avoid a big bill. You’re ‘riding the clutch’ if you don’t take your foot off the pedal once you’ve changed gear. You’re also riding the clutch if you use it to control the car whilst waiting on a hill. Both bad habits will wear out the clutch plate

Good Habit: Keep your foot off the clutch except when changing gear, and keep the car in neutral on a hill, until you’re about to move.

2. Piling on the Pounds

Your car is a great convenience, but it has limits. Every vehicle has a weight limit, and it shouldn’t be breached. The consequence of this bad habit is added strain on the brakes, the drivetrain, and the suspension. Heavy items carried in the boot of the car will affect the vehicle’s fuel efficiency – and with petrol at its current prices, that’s worth avoiding!

Good Habit: Check the maximum load weight of your vehicle in your manual and be strict about remaining below the limit. Avoid storing heavy goods in the boot.

3. Ploughing Through Potholes

Potholes are a nightmare for drivers, especially if you’re driving in the dark. Unfortunately, our roads are riddled with them, so it comes as no surprise that they’re one of the top offenders for causing vehicle damage. They can knock off your tracking or wheel balancing, and crack your alloys, or buckle your wheels.

Good Habit: Stay alert to the possibility of potholes, especially at night. Watch out for the behaviour of cars ahead of you in order to avoid them.

4. Keeping Your Hand on the Gearstick

This is something that learner drivers are told not to do, but as time goes by it may become a temptation. The trouble is that the gearstick is a natural resting place for the hand. What’s the problem with this bad habit? The gearstick is connected to the selector fork; prolonged pressure runs the risk of wearing the fork.

Good Habit: Keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

5. Using Your Brakes on a Hill

Those signs that tell you to ‘use low gear now’ when approaching a hill descent are there, in part, to avoid wear on your brakes. If you do use your brakes to manage your descent, you’ll be putting unnecessary pressure on your brake pads and discs, which means having to replace them more frequently.

Good Habit: Use your gears to slow down your vehicle when travelling downhill. Tap the brakes lightly, if necessary.

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