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Your brakes are critical to safe driving. So it makes sense to schedule in regular brake inspections in order to maintain the high performance of your car. CVS offer a full brake system check and fault finding service. We'll also supply and fit any replacement parts required.

The brake assembly in your car will most likely be either disc, or drum. Additionally most cars are fitted with ABS (anti-lock braking system). Both discs and drums use a brake pad that presses against the brake to slow your vehicle. These are subject to natural wear and need to be replaced regularly. If they wear away completely, they deplete the braking function, and can damage the rotor.

A CVS brake system check includes a brake fluid check. This is essential because if the level falls too low, your brakes won’t respond quickly. Our engineers will also check if there’s a build up of water in the brake fluid.

Looking for a brake system check for your vehicle? Call the CVS team for a comprehensive
brake inspection and repairs from a local, independent garage – 01234 381555

Brake Warning Symptoms

Even if you have regular scheduled checks, there are a number of warning symptoms that should prompt you to get your car to a garage quickly:

    A persistent brake warning light on the dashboard
    • A 'spongy' brake, or one that goes to the floor
    • It takes longer than usual to bring your vehicle to a stop
    • Grinding or squealing when you use your brakes
    • Vehicle pulling to the right or left when braking
    • Shudders in your steering wheel when you brake
    • Clunking when you apply the brake
    • Lack of 'give' in the brake pedal

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