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Car Diagnostics South Bedfordshire

Car Diagnostics in Shefford, South Beds

Cars need an annual health check, just like people do. Regular car diagnostics tests will pick up any underlying concerns in your car’s system, that may not show up when driving. Recognising that there’s an issue to be dealt with sooner rather than later guarantees a healthy car and reduces your repair bills.

Country Vehicles carries out car diagnostics in South Bedfordshire either as part of your annual service, or when prompted by the ‘check engine’ symbol showing on your car’s dashboard. By connecting your car to a diagnostic scanner our technicians will receive error codes which are then interpreted to reveal any underlying faults.

Looking for local car diagnostics in South Bedfordshire?
Call the CVS team for state-of-the-art testing from an independent garage – 01234 381555

Car Diagnostics for Efficient Repairs

Sometimes you’re aware that there’s something wrong with your car but you don’t know what the exact problem is. Diagnostic testing offers a quick and efficient solution. It allows us to diagnose problems related to your:

    • Engine
    • Fuel tank
    • Throttle
    • Fuel injectors
    • Air coolant
    • Oil tank
    • Ignition coils

Book your car diagnostics in South Bedfordshire today. Call Country Vehicles on 01234 381555