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Car Repairs Shefford

Car Repairs Shefford

Looking for Car Repairs in Shefford?

In a county made up of two ‘centres’ and numerous satellite towns and villages, rural Bedfordians can find that they have a bit of a hike to get to their nearest garage. Country Vehicles is an independent garage based just outside Shefford. As such it’s ideally positioned as a provider of local car repairs and servicing to Haynes, Wixams, Cotton End, Wilstead, Cardington and Shortstown.

Our vision at Country Vehicles has always been to offer a local garage, providing the very best mechanics, diagnostic equipment and automotive services. Since we started offering car repairs in Shefford in 1995 we’ve consistently grown our customer base and our offering. We now not only serve the fleet, private and company sector, we’re also motor home specialists for Bedfordshire.

Car Repair Services in Shefford

Given our location, Country Vehicles in Shefford considers itself a much-needed local ‘one-stop shop’ for all car repairs. This requires us to have a team of highly trained mechanics who have skills and experience relating to all makes of car. We’re here for all your automotive needs, whether it’s a question about how your car’s running, a query about a new purchase, or standard vehicle servicing and MOT.

As you can imagine, the team is kept pretty busy. In a normal day we likely to find ourselves dealing with timing belts, tyre repairs, brake checks, exhaust repairs, vehicle servicing and MOTs. When you consider how many cars there are on the road now, it’s no wonder that simply servicing and maintaining vehicles makes up a major part of any day.

Diagnostics are Essential Maintenance for Your Car

Once we get to a certain age, we get used to booking in a yearly health check with the doctor. If there are any health problems brewing, we have faith that they’ll be picked up early and dealt with before they become serious. Car diagnostics are exactly the same. You may not be experiencing any discernible problems when driving, but a diagnostic check will pick up underlying issues which – if dealt with early – will keep both your car, and your wallet, healthy.

Normally, our customers book a diagnostic check when they see the ‘check engine’ light flash up on their dashboard. CVS engineers will check out your car’s operating system by linking up our digital equipment to integrated microchips, sensors and processors. Each one is tested for ‘health’ until the problem is located and identified. Normally precision repairs can be made immediately.

Country Vehicles Customer Services

Our garage may be busy, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t prioritise our customers. If you have a query about your vehicle, or you need immediate help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re a friendly team and will make sure that you’re attended to quickly. For all car repairs in Shefford, including MOT and servicing, you can book via our online contact form. All messages are monitored so you’ll get a prompt response from us.

If you would like to talk to a mechanic about your car, or book in for repairs, servicing or MOT, call us today on 01234 381555