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Car Servicing Bedfordshire

Car Servicing Bedfordshire

CVS for Affordable, Personalised Car Servicing in Bedfordshire

At Country Vehicles we know that getting your car serviced can be a pain. It’s inconvenient to be without a vehicle for a few hours, and it’s an expense you may want to cut back on. On the other hand, regular car servicing in Bedfordshire provides you with a full-service history which maintains your car’s value, as well as maintaining its performance on the road, and keeping you safe as a driver.

Country Vehicles in Shefford provides independent car servicing for Bedfordshire clients. Our customers include owners of cars still under warranty, electric cars, hybrids, older cars, and campervans. With over 20 years’ experience, we’re trusted to do a good job, and car owners value the fact that we strive to keep our services affordable.

What is an Independent Garage?

Unlike the dealerships, CVS doesn’t hold a manufacturer franchise which means that we’re free to make our own decisions about how to run our business. We’re smaller than most dealerships and we have lower overheads. The money we save is invested in our workshop, our mechanics, and it’s passed on to our customers. The prices we charge for a local car service or repairs are therefore lower than what you would pay at a dealership.

Get to Know the People Who Work on Your Car

Does it make a difference if you get to know the mechanic who services your vehicle? We have many customers who have been coming to us for more than 2 decades because they trust us. They know that we’ll happily share our knowledge, and discuss their car service, or repairs we’ve carried out.

We don’t just encounter our customers when they need MOTs, new tyres, or diagnostics. We encourage them to pop in if they’re concerned about how their vehicles running, and we’re always happy to take a look.

Convenient Car Servicing Bedfordshire

If there’s a problem carving out time to get your car serviced, just let us know what the problem is. The CVS team is normally able to provide a solution, whether that’s a courtesy car or flexible scheduling. We know how important it is to know how much a repair will cost, if needed, so we’ll always call you before going ahead. We provide free, no obligation quotes before carrying out any repairs on vehicles.

We Can Service Cars Under Warranty

Owners of cars under warranty are often nervous about using an independent garage, for fear that they run the risk of invalidating it. There is no requirement that cars under warranty should be serviced by dealerships; it’s down to the owner to decide who will service their car. An independent garage, with an experienced and qualified team of mechanics, will do the job equally well, and at more affordable rates

The Country Vehicles team are approved to carry out services on vehicles under warranty and will always use genuine manufacturer-approved parts and fluids. This guarantees the preservation of your warranty and protects your car’s resale value.

Choose a Local Independent Garage for Car Servicing

Country Vehicles Ltd are ideally placed for local vehicle servicing and repair for customers located in Shefford, Haynes, Wilstead, Wixams, Shortstown, Cotton End, Cardington and all surrounding areas. Since we moved to our current premises in 1995, we’ve built a reputation for being a local garage you can depend on for quality services at affordable prices.

Want to book car servicing in Bedfordshire? Call Country Vehicles in Shefford on 01234 381555, drop in to see us, or contact us online.