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Change Windscreen Wipers

Change Windscreen Wipers

Is it Time to Change Your Windscreen Wipers?

Changing your windscreen wipers is a bit like changing toothbrushes. We know it should happen regularly but it’s easy to forget to do it. Autumn is a good time to check out your wipers’ condition. They do an important job, especially in adverse weather conditions, but if they’re in poor condition they can increase the risk of driving in rain or snow.

So, in this blog the Country Vehicles team has come up with 5 warning signs that you need to change your windscreen wipers:

1. A Streaky Windscreen

If you find that you’re wipers are leaving streaks across your windscreen, check the blades before you use them again. It could be that they’re dirty after a few months of reduced use, but it’s also a sign that the rubber may be wearing.

2. Not Up To The Job

Still squinting to see the road clearly even though your wipers are going at full blast? This is a clear sign that something’s amiss and you should get new wipers straight away. Their primary function is to provide a clear view and anything less than that is a danger to you, your passengers and your car.

3. Wipers Skipping

This is a symptom with many causes, not all of which require replacement, The most common reasons for your wipers not retaining their smooth engagement with the glass are:

  • Rubber may be dried out.
  • Windscreen may be dirty.
  • Tree sap filming up the blades.
  • The wiper mechanism may be bent out of alignment.

Start by washing your windscreen and wiper blades to see if that’s the problem. If neither of these fixes work, you probably need a replacement pair.

4. Strange Sounds

If you notice squeaks or squeals emanating from your windscreen wipers, don’t ignore them. Wipers are supposed to be completely silent, so check out the cause of the sounds. It could be that your cleaning fluid needs topping up, or that there’s dirt on the windscreen or blade. The problem can sometimes be solved by adding washer fluid if you’re using plain water to clean your windscreen.

5. Blade Adrift

It can sometimes happen that the blade starts to come adrift. You may be able to pop it back but keep a close eye on the problem. Losing one of your blades in a rainstorm isn’t something you want to risk. For peace of mind, replace the blades.

How Often Should You Change Windscreen Wipers?

Wipers are designed to last between 6 months and a year. Although that can change dependent on weather and locality. A yearly vehicle service will include a windscreen check, but you should keep a weather eye on your wipers as well.

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