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Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights

5 Dashboard Warning Lights That Require Immediate Action

Think of dashboard warning lights as the way your car communicates with you. No doubt, in the not too far distant future, they’ll be replaced with a voice, but for now they’re symbols. When they flash on, they’re reporting a malfunction in your car’s system and a speedy response is required to avoid a vehicle breakdown.

The Traffic Light System

Your dashboard warning lights are triggered by sensors which monitor your car’s performance. A green symbol simply reports that an indicator is on, for example, and there’s no need to take action. A yellow warning sign tells you that something is malfunctioning and you need to get it checked out soon. The red dashboard lights are signifying a dangerous problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

The Country Vehicles team has created a guide to the dashboard warning lights you really shouldn’t ignore:

1. Power Steering Warning Light

Power Steering Warning Light

This light warns of problems with your power steering. The problem can sometimes be solved by a reboot, so this is the first thing to check. Pull in when it’s safe to do so, and turn your vehicle off. After 30 seconds turn it back on again and see whether the light disappears. If it’s still there you should take extra care when driving, avoid motorway driving, and get your car checked out asap.

2. Brake Warning Light

Brake Warning Light

You’ll see this symbol when you have your parking brake on. If it remains on when the parking brake is released, you have a problem. Often it’s an indication that the level of your brake fluid is too low. If you know how to check your brake fluid levels, this is something you can do yourself. We would recommend a quick check at a garage anyway to ensure there’s no other problem with your braking system.

3. Battery Warning Light

Battery Warning Light

The battery warning light tells you that your battery isn’t charging. There’s all kinds of reasons why this might be the case, such as damaged cabling, faulty alternator or a fault in the battery itself. Our recommendation would be to drive straight to a garage when you see this light. Your car will keep going until the battery is completely drained, and you don’t want to be stranded when that happens.

4. Engine Temperature Light

Engine Temperature Light

This is one where you should stop driving immediately. The light is telling you that your engine is overheating. At best, your coolant is running low; at worst, it could be that your head gasket has failed. If your engine gets too hot it will cause irreparable damage, so you should stop driving, turn your vehicle off, and wait for the engine to cool down. Then check your coolant, and if that’s not the problem, call for recovery.

5. Engine Oil Warning Light

Engine Oil Warning Light

When the oil warning light flashes on to your dashboard you need to stop as soon as you can and turn off your vehicle. It’s telling you that your oil temperature is too high, or that the pressure is too low. This could mean that your engine isn’t being lubricated properly, which could cause irreparable damage. You should check for leaks under the car, and top up your oil if levels are low. If you can’t see the problem, you need to call recovery to get it checked out.

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