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Detecting a Leak in a Car Air Conditioner

Detecting a Leak in a Car Air Conditioner

How to Tell if Your Car Air Conditioner is Leaking

Now it’s officially summer, we can look forward to regular use of the car air con over the next three months. Most people have already given it an outing, and as a result we’ve already been busy with air conditioning recharges. If you’ve tried out the air con in your vehicle and you’ve not been terribly happy with it, there’s a number of problems that can bedevil a/c systems. The Country Vehicles team in Shefford has come up with 5 of the most common issues:

1. Detecting a Leak in a Car Air Conditioner

Is your car a/c blowing warm air instead of cold? That could mean that you have a leak. The refrigerant that produces cold air needs to be at the correct pressure to work. If there’s a leak, the pressure will decrease, and the system’s cooling efficiency will be compromised.

Leaks in your air con can be tiny, so it’s probably worth letting an experienced mechanic do the searching for you. We add a dye to the system and then run the a/c for a while to allow it to show up. Once we’ve found where the leak/s are, we close them up, and recharge to achieve the correct pressure.

2. Dirt and Mould in the System

It’s been a bad year for hay-fever so far, and your air con could be making the problem worse. Dirt, pollen, and dirt naturally accumulate in the a/c system over time. The moist, warm atmosphere is perfect for growing mould. If left the spores from the mould can cause sore throats, wheeziness, and sneezing.

If you are noticing a musty odour in your car, and you haven’t had an air con service for a few years, it’s worth getting your system de-bugged.

3. Damaged Condenser Unit

The condenser in your a/c unit cools the refrigerant gas, aided by the air that passes through the grills in your car. Occasionally pieces of debris from the road can block air getting to the condenser. This stops the heat exchange process and warm air passes through vents rather than cold.

A mechanic can check whether your condenser has been blocked or damaged as a result of road debris. If it is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

4. Cooling Fan Failure

The cooling fan in your car’s a/c is what ensures a steady airflow through the condenser. If the air fan is faulty, the condenser can’t do its job. Damage can be caused by pieces of road debris, but faulty electrics tend to be a more common problem. The Country Vehicles team can check out your cooling fan and replace the fuse or fit a new one if necessary.

5. Faulty Compressor

If you only use your car air conditioning when absolutely necessary, you may find you have problems with the compressor. This is what circulates the refrigerant in order to maintain the pressure. Without this component, you’re a/c simply won’t do its job. We recommend that you try out you’re a/c once a month throughout the year to keep the compressor in good health.

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

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