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Driving in the Rain

Driving in the Rain

5 CVS Tips for Driving in the Rain

It’s that time of year when the storms come thick and fast, bringing high winds, rain, and flooding. Rain doesn’t have the drama of snow and ice, but anyone who was out in storms Dudley and Eunice will know how scary and unpredictable road conditions can be. We’ve put together 5 tips for driving safely in the rain and stormy conditions.

“In wet weather, stopping distances will be at least double those required for stopping on dry roads (…) because your tyres have less grip on the road.”

The Highway Code (Section 227)

1. Slow Right Down

With rain it’s a case of keeping yourself alert. A light shower is no problem, but it can quickly develop into heavy rain at which point you need to keep an eye on braking distances. Ever had that terrifying experience of travelling in a rainstorm at normal speeds and then having to emergency brake as the traffic slows suddenly? Plan ahead by increasing the gap between you and the vehicle in front.

2. Pity the Pedestrians – and Cyclists

It’s a miserable experience, walking home, struggling with your brolly, only to be engulfed in a tidal wave of dirty water from a large puddle. Often, it’s not deliberate, drivers are negotiating any number of hazards and roadside puddles just aren’t on their radar. Be wary, though, it is an offence to drench pedestrians and, if it could have been avoided, fines can be awarded up to £5,000.

3. Beware Floods

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But if you’re eager to be home, and the water doesn’t look too deep… But no, don’t risk it. It’s really difficult to gauge the depth of a large puddle, especially if rain is hampering your vision. If you get it wrong, the water could do damage to your vehicle, and you’ll be even later getting home!

If you take the plunge and find yourself driving through a flood, move into a low gear, and keep the engine revving to maintain momentum. When you reach the other side – phew – stop for a few moments to let the water flow out of your vehicle, and gently test your brakes.

4. Vision Failure

Driving in the rain steals your vision. Even a shower makes it more difficult to see and estimate distances. Once you’re into heavy rain, with wipers on their highest setting and windows starting to fog up, your vision is severely hampered. If you can’t see clearly, pull over where you can, and wait for the downpour to pass.

5. Light Up

If the weather closes down, remember to put on your lights. In bad conditions it’s more difficult to make sense of what you’re seeing as a driver, so having your dipped light on will help other drivers navigate the tricky conditions, as well as yourself.

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