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An exhaust is one of the hardest working, and most efficient components in your car. Its most important function is to divert fumes away from the inside of the car. Additionally, it reduces vehicle noise, improves engine performance and improves fuel efficiency.

A car exhaust will normally last for years and, if problems are caught early, repairs can substantially increase its life. The exhaust system runs from the engine at the front of the car to the exhaust pipe at the back. It's made up of a number of components including: the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, silencer, and tail pipe.

Country Vehicles engineers offers a complete exhaust repair and replacement service for all major vehicle brands. Our skilled team will diagnose any problems you’re experiencing and offer a solution.

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Exhaust Warning Signs

If there’s a fault in your exhaust system it could be compromising vehicle performance and potentially reducing the safety of your vehicle on the road. Symptoms of exhaust malfunction include:

    • Engine Sounds. If your engine seems to be louder than usual, it’s time to get your exhaust checked.
    • Rattling From Your Exhaust. This could indicate that your catalytic converter is loose.
    • Filling Up More Often. Poor petrol efficiency can be a sign that your exhaust is leaking.
    • Judders. If your steering wheel , or accelerator judders get your exhaust checked for a leak.
    • Visuals. Take a look at your exhaust once in a while. If it’s rusted, you’ll need a replacement.

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