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Green Driving Techniques

Green Driving Techniques

5 Green Driving Techniques to Start Using Now

Not driving an electric care yet? If the answers ‘no’ you’re in the majority of drivers in the UK. Demand is rising fast, but many people are waiting for more affordable models to appear, not to mention a reliable charging infrastructure. So, what do we do whilst waiting to join the green driving revolution?

As we’re rapidly learning, even the smallest of our actions and decisions can have an impact on the environment. Which means we can make changes immediately. The CVS team has come up with 5 green driving techniques. Each one, if put into operation regularly, will reduce your carbon emissions – and save on your fuel use, too.

1. Switch Off When Stopped

Some cars have an automatic cut-off when the car has stopped at lights, for example, or in heavy traffic. This has the dual benefit of reducing both fuel usage and emissions that contribute to harmful air pollution. If your car doesn’t do so automatically, switch off and then switch back on when ready to drive.

2. Avoid Speedy Driving.

55-65mph is the most fuel-efficient speed to drive at. Doing more than 70mph uses 30% more fuel than slower speeds. Sometimes you have to travel faster, if you’re on a motorway, for example, but try to keep your speeds lower whenever possible, so long as you’re not endangering other road-users.

3. Keep Windows Closed at High Speeds

You’ve probably felt the drag this can cause on the car, especially if you have all the windows open. Just this small pull against the direction of travel has an impact on the amount of fuel you’re burning. If you don’t have air conditioning, open all the vents, and keep a front and back window open just a little.

4. Accelerate & Brake Gently

Avoid the urge to accelerate fast by applying the accelerator fully. The ideal eco-technique is to gently accelerate, allowing your vehicle to achieve the desired speed in a moderated way. Equally important is the gentle application of the brake to reduce speed. This action also involves a keen awareness of braking distances at all times.

5. Air Conditioning

A wonderful invention for hot days, but a disaster for the environment. The concern with vehicle air conditioning is that it burns more fuel. This is bad news for the climate, and for your budget. Of course, you should continue to use your air con, but be aware of its impact, and maybe use it for short periods, rather than having it as a default setting.

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

At Country Vehicles we believe in working with our customers to minimise the impact driving has on the environment, wherever we can. One of the ways we do that is by providing local garage services to people in Shefford, and South Bedfordshire. These include car servicing, MOTs, and car repairs.

If you would like to book your car in locally for an MOT, service, or repair at Country Vehicles in Shefford call us on 01234 381555, contact us online, or simply call in.