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How to Make Your Car Last Longer

How to Make Your Car Last Longer

8 Tips To Make Your Car Last Longer

At Country Vehicles in Shefford we tend to see two different approaches to car ownership. On the one hand, there’s the owners who like to drive the latest model and will change their car regularly. On the other, there’s the owners who have driven their current vehicle for 10 years and would like it to last another 10. There are areas of grey between, but you’ll likely know which type you are!

So, this blog is for the latter owners, who maintain their cars carefully to squeeze every last drop of driving out of them. Regular servicing and maintenance is taken as read, so here are 8 tips to make your car last longer, and we hope a few are new to you.

1. Choose Your Route Carefully

This may sound excessive, but for long-distance car owners it will make sense. Poor road surfaces and potholes can cause damage to your car. Try to avoid the routes where the roads are badly maintained, even if it means going the long way round.

2. Use the Brake, Save Your Gears

Do you change down through your gearbox in order to slow down? If so, you’re putting stress on the bearings and reducing the life of your gearbox. If you’re constantly decreasing your speed in traffic, lead with the brake, and follow through with the gears.

3. Ditch the Washing Up Liquid

If you use a squirt of washing up liquid instead of screen wash, you’re potentially damaging the finish on your vehicle’s paintwork. Why? Because washing up liquid contains salt which is, of course corrosive. Screen wash, by contrast may contain anti-freeze, and uses detergent to lubricate the wipers.

4. Don’t Let Chips Fester

Stone chips are a menace, and if you’ve avoided your car’s paintwork being damaged by one, count yourself lucky. If, however, you get a scar, deal with it sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the corrosion may start to spread, and you’ll have a much costlier job on your hands.

5. Test Your Tracking

If your tracking is slightly out it’s unlikely that you’ll notice it when driving, but your tyres will. You’ll start to get uneven wear, and once this starts to happen, you’ll be endlessly fitting new tyres. Check your tracking regularly to get more value out of your tyres.

6. Vehicle Recall?

Vehicle manufacturers regularly recall cars because they need to fix a manufacturing or design problem. If you’re unaware of this, you could have a minor fault that is gradually – but inexorably – turning into a major fault. Check whether your car’s been recalled here

7. Make Changes When Necessary

The filters and fluids in your vehicle have a distinct lifespan, which is measured by mileage. It’s tempting to push that lifespan a little, on the basis that everything is working fine, but this will inevitably reduce the efficiency of your car.

8. Watch the Warnings

Contemporary cars are intelligent; most of them can tell if there’s something wrong even before any symptoms appear. Which is why it’s important to act on any warning lights when they flash up on your dashboard.

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