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How to Save Money on Fuel

How to Save Money on Fuel

7 Money-Saving Tips for Cheaper Driving

As we head into the summer, there will be many families who are dreading the weekly trip to the supermarket to fuel up. Average prices for diesel are currently teetering on the £2.00 per litre mark, whist unleaded around 6p cheaper. Filling up a family car now costs, on average, £100 or over.

There don’t seem to be any signs that petrol prices will drop over the next few months. So, the CVS team has put our heads together and come up with the next best thing – a quick ‘how to save money on fuel’ guide. Each of the following tips will help you to increase the miles per gallon you can achieve.

1. Aim for a Smooth Drive

Driving fast and accelerating rapidly guzzles your gas, so a really simple way to save money on fuel is to:

  • Keep your foot light on the accelerator.
  • Pull away from stops gently.
  • Use the highest gear possible for the speed you are travelling at.

2. Observe and Maintain the Speed Limit

Driving at a lower speed increases the number of miles you get to the gallon. Figures published by the Department of Transport demonstrate that:

Observe and Maintain the Speed Limit

3. When Did You Last Check Your Tyre Pressure?

If your tyres are under-inflated, they will be making your engine work just a little bit harder than if they’re at the right pressure. You can find out what pressure they should be in your handbook. Once your tyres are at their optimum pressure, you may also notice that your brakes are performing better, which helps with creating that ‘smooth’ drive.

4. Turn Off Energy Sapping Equipment

Your air con is a drain on fuel, so remember to turn it off when it’s not necessary. If you use it only on hot days, or in order to demist your windscreen in the winter, you’ll notice the difference. Other fuel saving equipment to keep an eye on are headlights, demisters, and your heated rear screen; they all use fuel so turn them off when they’re not needed.

5. Plan Your Car Use Carefully

Your car is at its most efficient when the engine is warm, so if you’ve got a number of journeys to make in a day, it’s worth considering if you can combine them. Try to minimise trips to the supermarket by doing one big shop each week or use local shops for top up items. It’s worth trying out the car economy strategy for a week and checking how much fuel it can save you – you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised!

6. Empty the Boot

This is a tip we’ve suggested before. It’s a simple and efficient way to help with your weekly fuel bill. It’s an incontrovertible fact that the heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel it will use. If you’re carrying heavy items in the boot unnecessarily, therefore, you’re adding to your fuel bill for no reason.

7. Regular Maintenance Saves on Fuel

A car is carefully maintained and regularly serviced will run more efficiently than one that isn’t. It may be tempting to cut back on servicing your car when you’re looking for savings but, in the long term this could cost you in fuel usage and repairs. We would recommend an annual service for your vehicle, in order to maintain its performance, and ensure you’re getting the best value for your driving.

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