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Independent Garage Bedfordshire

Independent Garage Bedfordshire

5 Benefits of Using an Independent Garage in Bedfordshire

In a recent survey carried out by Servicing Stop, 70% of UK motorists said that they would rather use an independent garage than a dealership. Now that’s the kind of survey we like! Country Vehicles in Shefford has always been a local independent garage in Bedfordshire, and we always will be. We doubt whether our customers would allow us work in any other way, after nearly 3 decades!

The motorists surveyed on their choice of garage said that lower prices and a more personal environment were the main reasons for their preference. We’d certainly second that, but our customers have been quick to point out a few other benefits that haven’t been mentioned.

1. Helps the Local Economy

This is something we hear often. Our customers want to support local businesses, and they want local people to be able to work in them. Country Vehicles is very much a part of the Shefford community, and we’re used by customers across South Beds. It helps to give the area a distinctive character, and we’re a local landmark that’s there year-on-year.

2. Personal Service

At CVS we know the majority of our customers and they rely on us to give them the very best service. With an independent garage there’s no brand to hide behind; we need positive reviews, so you can be sure that every member of the team will go the extra mile for you. What the CVS team really value and invest in, though, is the time we spend talking to customers about the work we’re doing on their vehicles – it makes the job worthwhile.

3. Affordable Prices

The Country Vehicles team in Shefford takes pride in the fact that we offer a comparable level of skills and experience to the dealerships, at a more affordable price. The reason for this is simple; we don’t have the overheads to pay out and we choose to pass our savings on to our customers. We’ll even give you a cup of tea for free!

4. No Rush Hour in Shefford

Our customers rarely have the problem of sitting in queues as we’re located in-between Bedfordshire’s two county towns, Luton and Bedford. There’s always plenty of parking and we’re easy to find. If you need to fit in vehicle servicing or an MOT around work, just let us know what time suits you best and we’ll schedule you in accordingly.

5. Your Warranty Is Safe With Us

Servicing your car at an independent garage doesn’t invalidate your manufacturer warranty. We always follow the maker’s service schedule on warranty vehicles and use original equipment parts. Any work we do is carefully documented – including the grade of oil we use.

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

CVS offers a full range of automotive services to our local Bedfordshire customers, including: MOT testing, vehicle servicing, diagnostics, repairs and air conditioning. We work with all makes of car and light commercial in the private, company and fleet sector. Additionally, we are also motor home specialists.

“Been using them for 7 years have always been open and honest about faults with my car and sorted them promptly. All the staff have been helpful and friendly.”

Craig Poole

If you would like to talk to a CVS technician about your car, or book it in for repairs, servicing or MOT, call us today on 01234 381555