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Independent Garage in Shefford

Independent Garage in Shefford

When you need your car servicing, or there’s a warning light flashing on your dashboard, there’s plenty of choice around. So why do car owners choose a local independent garage over a dealership or a chain? Country Vehicles in Shefford, Bedfordshire has a loyal customer base that’s pretty vocal about what they like and what they don’t. We thought we’d share the top 5 reasons they give for using our independent garage services.

1. Save Time With Local Garage Services

Time is a precious commodity and dealerships are rarely local. There’s not only the drive over there to take into account, but also the waiting around for the repairs or service to be completed. You could easily end up losing a morning, or even a full day. So, for people living busy lives near Shefford, a local garage makes sense. Country Vehicles is always happy to book your car in around your schedule, if we possibly can.

2. Personal Service From Country Vehicles in Shefford

At Country Vehicles in Shefford we get to know our customers and their cars. Many of them have been using our services for 10-15 years and they know they can trust us, and rely on us in an emergency. Local independent garage services are all about relationships, which is what we love about the job. We go the extra mile for our customers, because we know them and care about them.

3. Competitive Prices From an Independent Garage

Our customers are pleased to find that our prices are very competitive when compared with dealerships. Part of the reason is that we don’t have the same overheads as they do. Also, we have to remain competitive to attract customers to use our services. You’ll find that your money goes further at Country Vehicles, whilst the quality of our technicians is first rate.

4. CVS Offers Specialist Camper Van Services

Whilst most of our customers travel between 0-15 miles to get to us, our specialist services attract owners from across Bedfordshire. Once Camper Van owners use us once, they tend to become loyal CVS customers, even if they travel quite a distance. Why? We love working on these vehicles, and have 25 years of skills and experience to bring to them.

5. Country Vehicles is Part of the Local Business Economy

Bedfordshire thrives on its small business economy. They make up around 90% of the economy as a whole. Local businesses means investment for the local area. A recent survey found that 71% of Shefford’s High Street is independently run, making it highly attractive to house buyers. CVS is part of a thriving local economy in Bedfordshire and choosing us for your local garage keeps it that way.

About Country Vehicles, the Independent Garage in Shefford

We offer a comprehensive range of automotive services to our local customers, including: MOT testing, vehicle servicing, diagnostics, repairs and air conditioning servicing. Whatever it is you need, simply call us on 01234 381555, message us, or pop in to say ‘hello’ and take a look at our workshop.

If you would like to talk to a CVS technician about your car, or book it in for repairs, servicing or MOT, call us today on 01234 381555