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Independent Jaguar Servicing

Independent Jaguar Servicing

Independent Jaguar Servicing in South Beds

When you’ve invested in a Jaguar, you want the very best care and attention for your vehicle. Which means a dealership, right? Not every owner would agree. A good many of our CVS clients choose independent Jaguar servicing over the dealerships. Why? Because they value the passion we bring to our work, the personalised service an independent garage can offer, and the quality of workmanship we are able to guarantee.

Country Vehicles in Shefford has nearly three decades of experience as Jaguar specialists in Bedfordshire. Our knowledge and expertise has been built over decades, and we take pride in the team we have built. Our technicians regularly work on the full range of Jaguar models, from contemporary F-Paces, F-Types and E-Paces, to E-Types and the Jaguar XJ-S.

A Superb Level of Skill and Attention

In our experience, Jaguar brings out the best in us. It’s a marque that demands the highest levels of skill and attention. The range of experience available in the team at Country Vehicles in Shefford means that we’re able to combine a traditional understanding of this unique vehicle with innovative diagnostics. Alongside independent Jaguar servicing, we can also offer remedial and repair work where required.

Jaguar Servicing From Specialists

Vehicle servicing at CVS is carried out in complete accordance with Jaguar’s servicing protocols. Any repairs, or remedial work carried out by our technicians will always use genuine Jaguar parts. In this way, we safeguard the owner’s warranty, and guarantee excellent performance levels for the vehicle.

Our Jaguar clients tell us that they receive the same level of care and expertise they would expect from a dealership, when they book their vehicle in with us. Additional benefits of independent Jaguar servicing include:

  • A personal relationship with the technician who takes care of the vehicle
  • A more affordable price tag on services and repairs
  • Local garage in South Bedfordshire
  • Specialist advice whenever you need it.

Specialist Attention – Protecting Your Jaguar’s Value

The Jaguar marque blends elegant design with engineering excellence to create unbeatable performance. In our opinion, it’s the equivalent of a thoroughbred horse and, for this reason, owners need absolute faith in the technicians they entrust its care to. At CVS we bring our combined skills and knowledge, as a team, to bear on every single model we work with. Our aim is always to maintain the performance excellence, and retain the vehicle value.

Choose a Local Garage for Independent Jaguar Servicing

CVS is conveniently located mid-way between Bedford and Luton in Bedfordshire. We have large premises with plenty of parking and no rush hour traffic for our clients to battle with. We moved to our current location in 1995, and our ample workshop is fully equipped with the diagnostic equipment necessary for inspecting and maintaining complex operating systems featured in premium vehicles.

Would you like to book a Jaguar service with Country Vehicles in Shefford, South Beds? Give us a call today on 01234 381555, drop in to see us, or contact us online.