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Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Working Properly?

Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Working Properly

With the arrival of spring the sun starts getting warmer, which means the heater in your car gets turned off and the air conditioner comes into its own. Or that’s the plan anyway. If you’ve recently replaced your A/C you don’t need to worry, but for the rest of us switching on the air con in April or May can be a bit of a nail-biting moment. Is it still working? Does it need a recharge? Do I need a new one?

Most manufacturers suggest replacing the A/C system after 2 years. Many last longer than this – especially in the UK where usage tends to be light! In this blog the Country Vehicles team takes a look at the tell-tale signs that usually indicate there’s an issue. Getting problems sorted in the Spring means delightfully cool car interiors when the really hot weather kicks in.

1. Is Your Air Conditioning Producing Bad Smells?

Checking out any bad smells your air con produces is an excellent way to assess its health. Here’s the 3 most typical indicators that there’s a problem:

  • Mildew or Mould. If you can trace these smells to your air con it probably means you have a build-up of mould in the pipes.
  • Gassy Odour. This is an indicator that you have coolant leakage.
  • Smelly Socks. This is probably the worst smell of the lot. It’s usually due to bacteria that builds up over time on the condenser.

Even if your air con appears to be working OK – apart from the whiffy smells – it’s a good idea to get the unit decontaminated. CVS will de-bug your system, ensuring that the air you breathe inside the car is clean and healthy.

2. It’s Cold, But Not As Cold As It Used To Be

Is the A/C as cold as it was last year? I remember it being icy; does that feel icy to you? These are the kinds of questions that can distract you even on the most gloriously sunny day. If you sense that your air conditioning has lost some of its icy coolness, this could indicate that your refrigerant levels need to be topped up. The Country Vehicles team can do an air con system pressure check to see if this is the problem.

3. The Air Con Won’t Turn Off

Whilst this would initially seem to be preferable to A/C that won’t turn on, it brings its own problems. First, continuous usage incurs additional fuel consumption, and second, in some cases the unit continues to run, even when the car isn’t switched on, which drains the battery. This problem is normally down to an internal electrical fault which needs professional attention.

4. The Unit Makes a Noise When It’s Turned On

Unusual noises are normally a sign of trouble in cars and this is no different. Your car air conditioning should be fairly quiet to run. If you hear a rattling or banging it could be debris from the road in one of the vents. If, however, it continues over a sustained period, or if you’re hearing a grinding or squealing sound, you should have your system checked out by a mechanic.

Country Vehicles Car AC Service

Despite the lack of sustained heat during a typical English summer, the state of your air conditioning can make or break a day out with the family. Country Vehicles in Shefford offers a car ac service as one of our local garage services in Bedfordshire. Our air conditioning service provides a detailed inspection of your system, re-gassing – including vacuum testing and repairs where needed – and the removal of mould or bacteria.

If you are concerned that you car’s air conditioning isn’t working properly, and you’d like to book in for an air conditioning service, call us today on 01234 381555 or message us for a prompt response