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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Spring Touring?

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Spring Touring?

It’s been a long, lockdown winter, but at last the UK is getting back to normal and ‘taking a trip’ is back on the agenda. As the sun gets warmer and the days get longer, lots of people will be planning trips in the campervan, or caravan to those holiday destinations we’ve so missed.

If it’s your first long drive in a while, the CVS team would recommend checking that your vehicle is ready for spring touring, especially if it’s been in the garage over winter. In this blog we give a run down of the kind of checks to carry out – just to be sure that your break isn’t further delayed by unforeseen mechanical issues!

Vehicle Checks to Carry Out Before Setting Off

1. Tyre Checks

Check that your tyre pressure adheres to your manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re towing a caravan, you’ll probably need to adjust your rear tyres as per your handbook. Make sure none of your tyres are looking worn and get them checked out if you have any concerns. Finally, look over the condition of your spare tyre, and inspect the tyres on your caravan.

2. Fluid Checks

If your car is regularly serviced, your fluids should be OK. It’s always worth giving them a check, though, as leaks can develop. Your oil should register at a mid-point level between maximum and minimum on the dipstick. Your coolant should have been refreshed at the last service, and may need topping up. Ensure you have plenty of water in your windscreen washer reservoir and top up if necessary.

3. Battery Check

If your vehicle starts up without a problem, you’re good to go. Batteries do lose charge if left to stand for long periods, so it may need a jump start. If this is the case, make sure it starts without a problem subsequently. If the battery light on your dashboard is showing, it’s a sign it needs a recharge. Bring it in to CVS and we can do that for you.

4. Brakes Check

If you’re towing a caravan it puts extra pressure on your car’s brakes, so take care to check them before setting off. If you are experiencing a shudder in the steering wheel, a grinding sound when you brake, or a lack of give in your brake pedal, get a professional to carry out a full check before you drive any distance. Your dashboard brake light should come on if there’s a problem, but don’t rely on it if you are concerned.

5. Lights Check

Take a few moments to check that all the lights on your vehicle, and your caravan, are working. Replace any that aren’t. Make sure that your electrical connection is trouble-free if you’re towing, and get it looked at by a professional if not.

Country Vehicles Shefford is a Campervan Specialist

If your motorhome, or campervan is due a service, bring it in to your local specialist garage. CVS has a large, well-equipped workshop with an excellent team of mechanics and technicians. We can carry out any repairs needed, on the spot, and take your vehicle through its MOT if it’s due. Just call us, pop in to book, or contact us online.

Need repairs or vehicle servicing before taking off on your spring travels? Simply give our friendly team a ring on 01234 381555 and we’ll book you in promptly.