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Local Car Repair Garage in Shefford

Local Car Repair Garage in Shefford

What to Expect From Your Local Car Repair Garage in Shefford

A local garage is one you pop into when you’re worried about a noise in the engine. It’s one where you feel OK about asking “Could you take a quick look at…?” because you know it’s part of what they do. Local garages expect their customers to drop by when they’re thinking about buying a new car, just to chat it over. It’s one of the things they enjoy about their work.

And that’s us, Country Vehicles in Shefford. We’re an independent outfit because we enjoy being a local car repair garage for customers in Shefford and the surrounding area. We like being part of the local community. We’ve been here since 1995, and we’re a bit of a landmark on the A600. So what can you expect from us?

Top Quality Car Repairs

Our goal is to be the place that customers from Wixams, Shortstown, Cotton End, Cardington, and Haynes come to for their car repairs, large or small. Why us? Because we’ve got a team of excellent mechanics who’ll take the time to do an excellent repair job for you. We’ll always explain what repairs we’re going to do, and give you itemised pricing before going ahead. All our work is guaranteed.

Five Most Common Car Repairs in Shefford

Car repairs are unavoidable, although regular servicing will cut down on some of the heftiest repair bills. We checked out which repairs we carried out most often at CVS, and here’s our top five:

1. Brake Pads

These wear out over time, even with good braking habits. You’ll know there’s a problem if you start hearing a grinding sound when you brake, or if you feel a vibration and a pull to one side when braking. You’ll normally get a warning light on your dashboard. Brake pads are one of the checks we do when servicing your car; if we see signs of wear we’ll recommend a change.

2. Timing Belt

This is a critical part of your engine and if it snaps it can do real damage. Drivers who keep their car outside need to keep a careful eye on their timing belt as it’s made of rubber and extreme temperature changes can make it brittle. Symptoms to watch out for are either a squeaking or grinding in the engine, or – if it’s broken – the car won’t start. The good news is that this is a fairly inexpensive and quick repair!

3. Fuel Filter

There’s not much you can do to stop the fuel filter getting dirty and clogged up over time. It’s worth replacing it as soon as there’s a problem, though, because your fuel consumption will go up if it’s not working properly. If it needs replacing you should get a ‘check engine’ light on the dashboard. Other symptoms are that it’s difficult to start the car, or the engine isn’t running smoothly.

4. Exhaust

The exhaust is one of the most hard working components in your car and there’s a number of parts to it that can need repairs. It’s relatively rare that the whole exhaust has to be replaced. If you notice that your engine sounds louder than usual, or there’s a juddering in your steering wheel, or when you accelerate, it could be an exhaust problem and it’s as well to get it checked out.

5. Alternator

The alternator powers your vehicle’s electrics, using the engine’s mechanical energy to generate energy. If it breaks, so does your car’s electrical system. The alternator works in tandem with the battery, so if there’s a problem your ‘Battery Warning’ light should come on. It has a finite life and will normally need changing at some point between 50,000 and 100,000 miles.

If you think your car is in need of repairs and you’re looking for local garage services near Shefford, call CVS on 01234 381555, or message us for a prompt response.