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Local Car Service Shefford

Local Car Service Shefford

Book in a Local Car Service in Shefford

Annual car servicing can feel like one more hassle to manage, especially if you’ve got an older vehicle. At Country Vehicles in Shefford we’ve come across car owners who tell us that once their vehicle is out of warranty, they’ve been tempted to skip a their car service. So long as they’ve got the MOT, they tell us, they know the vehicle’s running OK – so where’s the harm? There’s 3 responses we would want to make to this argument.

1. A Service Does Something Different to an MOT

Country Vehicles mechanics deal with both MOT testing and your local car service in Shefford. Similar checks are carried out in both, but the MOT is nowhere near as thorough as a vehicle service. With MOTs the process is all about working through a government checklist to ensure vehicle roadworthiness, safety and exhaust emissions. It’s not about checking that your car is running at peak performance, or ensuring that it will continue to do so for the coming year.

As an independent garage in Shefford we get to know the vehicles that we service. Many of them we’ve been working on since they were in warranty. It may sound daft but we treat them like individuals, and we want a good long life for each one. Our vehicle servicing is all about optimising your car’s performance, and pre-empting problems before they become costly to repair.

2. It’s Easier to Service Your Car Locally

Although the last year has seen a rise in the number of people working at home, many people remain reliant on their car each day. It’s not just for work. Many CVS customers are carers, or have family members who rely on them for hospital visits, or shopping. Because of this we make scheduling in a car service easier in a number of ways:

  • Courtesy Car. If you need access to a vehicle whilst your car is being serviced or repaired, just let us know and we’ll provide a courtesy car.
  • Car Collection and Delivery. If you live in one of the villages near Shefford, and you don’t want to wait at the garage whilst your car is serviced, we’ll collect it and then drop it back.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Let us know what times suit you and we’ll do our best to fit in with them. We can usually work out a way to get a service done without inconveniencing you.

For many of our customers who live in Shefford, Country Vehicles is local to them. We’re also ideally placed for customers in Wixams, Haynes, Cotton End, Wilstead, Shortstown and Cardington.

3. Local Mechanics Have Your Interests at Heart

A local independent garage is a bit like the local pub – only without the alcohol! We get to know our customers, and their vehicles over the years. We also get a reputation amongst the locals. Shoddy work on our part, or rudeness to a customer wouldn’t just make it onto social media, it would spread amongst our regulars, who may then stop recommending us to their friends.

Customers at Country Vehicles know the quality of our work, and trust the team who looks after their car. They know that we won’t charge them unreasonable rates, or suggest repairs that don’t need doing. A service with CVS extends the life of your vehicle, and keeps it running economically – what better argument do you need for booking your local car service in Shefford?

Is your vehicle due for a service? Book online today with Country Vehicles in Shefford, or call us to schedule it in – 01234 381555