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Country Vehicles Ltd is an independent garage based in Bedfordshire since 1992. Our fully-equipped garage offers a comprehensive range of services carried out by skilled technicians and mechanics. We look after all makes of car and light commercial vehicles in the private, company and commercial sectors. CVS is also a motor home specialist.



All vehicles more than three years old need an annual MOT. The purpose of the test is to check the safety of the vehicle, its roadworthiness, and the level of emissions produced. The MOT covers every kind of vehicle used on UK roads. It was first introduced to prevent drivers using vehicles with dangerous faults that could potentially prove a hazard to themselves or other road users.

CVS offers a complete MOT service. Book your MOT with us today.


Regular vehicle servicing will maximise its performance, and its lifespan. Servicing also helps to minimise the need for major repairs. Thorough, regular checks on your car’s systems will ensure the safety of the vehicle, and provide dependable driving conditions. Your car requires servicing annually, or every 12,000 miles.

Country Vehicles engineers service your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your warranty is unaffected.



Vehicle diagnostics allow for the electronic testing of your car's performance. All contemporary vehicles are designed with technology integrated into their operating systems. These take the form of computer processors, sensors and microchips. They are linked to digital car diagnostic equipment to read the 'health' of those systems, or pinpoint where a specific problem is.


Buying the right tyres for your car can often require expert advice and guidance. CVS offer a complete tyre service including assessment, replacement and balancing. If you're unsure what tyres to have fitted, our tyre specialists can be depended upon to give you clear, and honest advice as to the best tyres for your vehicle.

We take pride in being the local agent for Falken tyres. These are a mid-range brand that we're happy to recommend as a cost-effective mid-range option delivering excellent performance. Falken is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world and is a global leader when it comes to high performance research and development. As a bonus, we can offer a free accidental warranty.

Additionally, CVS provides a full range of top brand tyres to suit your car's requirements - from premium through to mid-range and budget models. If you need a product we don't stock, let us know and we can get them in within 24 hours. Our friendly tyre specialists can offer professional advice and guidance on your specific vehicle - just call in or email us.



Regular brake inspections keep your system in good condition, which maintains the performance of your car. Responsive brakes are critical to safe driving. So even if you have scheduled inspections, there are a number of warning signs that should prompt you to get your car to a garage quickly:

  • A persistent brake warning light on the dashboard
  • A 'spongy' brake, or one that goes to the floor
  • Grinding or squealing when you use your brakes
  • Clunking or vibrations when you apply the brake
  • Lack of 'give' in the brake pedal

There are two types of brake; the disc and the drum. Both utilise a brake pad or shoe that presses against the brake in order to slow the vehicle down. Over time these become worn, and need replacing. If they wear away completely the function of your brakes are depleted, and they can cause damage to the rotor which can be expensive to repair.

A brake inspection will also include a brake fluid check. If the level is too low there won't be enough pressure to break quickly. We also check whether there has been a build up of water in the brake fluid and advise on whether it needs replacing.

CVS offer a full brake system check and fault finding service. We'll also supply and fit any replacement parts required.


A timing belt (or cambelt) replacement is one of the most important serviceable component of a car's engine. The timing belt is made of rubber and it's designed to help control the timing of your car's internal combustion engine. Its job is to maintain the rotation of the camshaft at half the speed of the crankshaft, keeping the two components precisely aligned.

Your timing belt is likely to last for years but natural wear and tear will eventually cause it to require changing. There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate there's a problem:

  • Unusual Sounds. If you hear a 'squealing' sound on start up, it could be that your timing belt is loose and needs adjustment.
  • Car Doesn't Start. If the belt has snapped the camshaft won't rotate when the crankshaft turns, which means the engine won't run.
  • Visual Signs of Wear. Your timing belt should be soft and flexible. If it feels hard, or the underside looks shiny, it's a sign that the rubber is getting hard and needs replacing.

A timing belt inspection will determine whether the part needs replacing, using the manufacturers guidelines on mileage and age. Most manufacturers recommend a timing belt replacement every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.



How long is it since you had your air-con serviced? Most manufacturers suggest that you have your system checked every two years, but lots of people tend to wait until it stops blowing cold air. This isn't a problem, except that it takes longer to demist windows in the winter. We recommend staying cool when the temperature rises by allowing CVS to re-gas and repair your vehicle's air conditioning.

An air con service will include an inspection of the system, re-gassing, and a debugging:

  • Re-gassing. This is a simple procedure that requires the removal of residual refrigerant oil and gas from the system. It's then recharged according to your manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Inspection and Repairs. One of the most common problems with air conditioning is the development of leaks which allows the gas to escape. We'll apply a vacuum test and repair leaks if necessary.
  • De-bugging. If you're starting to get unpleasant odours wafting out of your air con it could be down to mould or bacteria that builds up, over time, on the condenser. We decontaminate your system and remove bad smells.

An air con service often gets forgotten because it's not part of the MOT test and needs to be requested as part of your regular car service. Manufacturers recommend an air con service every 2-3 years.


An exhaust is one of the hardest working, and most efficient components in your car. Its most important function is to divert exhaust fumes away from the inside of the car. Apart from this, it reduces vehicle noise, improves engine performance and improves fuel consumption. A car exhaust will normally last for years and, if problems are caught early, repairs can substantially increase its life.

The exhaust system runs from the engine at the front of the car to the exhaust pipe at the back. It's made up of a number of components including:

  • Exhaust manifold - acts as a funnel to divert exhaust gases from engine cylinders
  • Catalytic Converter - removes harmful elements from exhaust gases, making them inert
  • Silencer - a device to cancel out the noise made by the gases travelling through the system
  • Tail pipe - carries the gases away from the engine and discharges them from the vehicle

Each of these components are connected to each other using clamps, flanges, hangers and gaskets.

At CVS we offer a complete repair and replacement service for all major vehicle brands. You can be confident in the skills and experience our technicians employ in order to maintain your exhaust at peak performance.