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Tyre Maintenance

Tyre Maintenance

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips From CVS

Tyres tend to come into focus only when there’s a problem but, in fact, they’re critical to the safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. After all, your tyres are what connect you to the road surface and maintain control for the driver. The grooves you see in your tyres are racing car technology applied to cars for everyday use and as such they need to be carefully maintained to achieve optimum performance.

The CVS team has come up with 5 simple tyre maintenance tips to keep your car in prime driving condition.

1. Check Your Tyre Pressure Regularly

Most cars give you a dashboard warning if your tyre pressure requires attention, but don’t rely on it. Uneven, or poor tyre pressure can affect your steering, lead to poor fuel economy, and increase wear. You can find the correct pressure for your vehicle in your car handbook, or stamped into the sill of the driver’s side door.

2. Get Your Tyres Tracked

Also known as ‘wheel alignment’, tracking ensures that your wheels are in the prime position for the make and model of your car. Poor tracking will impact on the condition of your tyres, making them wear out more quickly, and it can affect the handling of of your vehicle. You should get your tracking checked annually, or every 10,000 miles.

3. Test the Depth of Your Treads

The treads on your tyre are there to help your car grip the road, especially in adverse weather conditions. If your threads are less than 1.6mm deep, however, they cease to do their job efficiently. You can test the depth of your treads using a 20p coin. Insert it into the tread. If the outer band isn’t visible, then your treads are the correct depth. If it is visible, it needs attention.

4. Rotate Your Tyres

Front tyres tend to wear more quickly than back tyres, so it makes sense to rotate them into order to extend their road life. This is something that normally happens when you get your car serviced. You should ask the mechanic working on your car to check if your tyres have the right properties to allow them to be swapped.

5. Adopt Driving Habits That Spare Your Tyres

All drivers develop bad habits over time. When those habits impact on the health of your tyres though, it’s worth adjusting your driving. Here’s a few behaviours you can adopt that will keep your tyres in good condition:

  • Take care with kerbs; mounting them too quickly, or bumping against them can cause damage to your tyres.
  • Avoid potholes (if possible!)
  • Slow down when approaching speed bumps
  • Brake slowly, rather than slamming your foot down
  • Accelerate progressively

About Country Vehicles in Shefford

CVS is a local tyre supply and fitting centre serving Shefford and the surrounding towns and villages in South Bedfordshire. We’re an agent for Falken tyres, as well as a range of top brands from budget through to premium. Our technical team are always happy to check your tyres, and offer guidance. Just pop in and have a chat.

CVS also offers a full range of automotive services to our local Bedfordshire customers, including: MOT, vehicle servicing, diagnostics, repairs and air conditioning servicing. Our technicians and mechanics work with all makes of car and light commercial in the private, company and fleet sector. Additionally, we are also motor home specialists.

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