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Van Repair Garage in Shefford

Van Repair Garage in Shefford

Van Repair Garage in Shefford

When your car breaks down it’s annoying, and plans may have to be altered, but it rarely results in the loss of your livelihood. For commercial van owners, though, their running costs, uptime and reliability is critical to business. As a van repair garage in Shefford, Country Vehicles understand the equation – no van, no business – and we do everything we can to avoid it for van owners.

What Does ‘Van Repair’ Cover?

Few people outside the van owing community are aware of the range of business that vans are used for. Whilst their primary function – as with a car – is getting from point A to point B, there’s so much more that they’re needed for. In some cases, they’re the shop front (ice-creams, food service), in others they’re a storage area, mobile office, or somewhere to eat a sandwich at lunchtime.

Here’s just a few of the trades vans we work with at Shefford:

  • Builders’ Vans. These workhorses are required to carry heavy goods for long and short journeys, day after day. Breakdown impacts reputation, profits, and scheduling.
  • Plumber/Electrician/Gardener Vans. These tend to be businesses on wheels. Tools are stored in them, and your reliability rating depends on you having a vehicle you can trust.
  • Food Vans. These specially adapted vehicles can’t be easily replaced with a temporary fix if they break down. Any repairs need to be fast and efficient to stop a serious loss of earnings.
  • Decorators/Carpenters Vans. These labour-intensive trades require reliable, efficient transport which guarantees prompt starts for customers.

What’s Required From a Van Repair Garage?

If you’re dependent on your van for your living, you need a garage that understands that, first and foremost. Van owners don’t tend to have ‘down time’ for their vehicles, so a garage that prioritises speed, without compromising on safety or quality, is key.

When you drop your van off at a garage, you need to know that it will be ready at an agreed time, that you can rely on the diagnostics they provide, and that repairs are affordable.

Choosing the Right Garage

Safety, speed, and efficiency are the symptoms of a solid, professional, and experienced team. You’ll be looking for a garage has an up-to-date workshop, plenty of people working in it, and a lot of great reviews under their belt. Try popping in to ask about van repairs. Are they ready to stop and chat? Do they seem to understand the issues of commercial van ownership? Are they adaptable?

About Country Vehicles Shefford

We are an independent garage, serving South Bedfordshire with vehicle servicing, MOT, repairs. We work with local customers who tend to stay with us for years, because they trust us to look after their vehicles as if they were our own. Our state-of-the-art workshop is large (ideal for vans) and well stocked. Most important, we listen to our customers, understand their needs, and they can count on us to go the extra mile for them.

Looking for a van repair garage in Shefford that you can rely on? Call Country Vehicles on 01234 381555, message us online, or pop in to see us.