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At Country Vehicles we take vehicle servicing seriously. Top quality vehicle servicing, carried out by qualified engineers, will maximise the life of your car, ensure the safety of your driving experience, and improve your car’s performance.

The vehicle servicing we carry out will vary slightly from car to car. This is because we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter. Skimping aspects of the service, or missing a service would invalidate your warranty. At Country Vehicles we service your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your warranty is maintained.

Upon completion of your vehicle servicing, we will provide you with a full records of the service checks carried out, and detail any parts that we replaced in the process.

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Vehicle Servicing Checks

Your car should be serviced every 12 months, or at 12,000 mile intervals, whichever comes first. A typical car service is extremely thorough, involving up to 50 adjustments, system checks, and components. These will always include:

    Battery testing
    • Engine oil change and filter replacement
    • Steering alignment and operations
    • Engine tuning
    • Suspension
    • Cooling system
    • Coolant levels and hydraulic fluid
    • Checks on lights, tyres, exhausts and brakes
    • Air filter change

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