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What Your Car Says About Your Love Life

What Your Car Says About Your Love Life

Is the Owner of a Bentley More Romantic Than a Renault Driver?

Being a romantic bunch, Valentine’s day always throws up interesting discussions amongst the team at Country Vehicles in Shefford. This year we found ourselves musing on what your car says about your love life. Seems that there’s significant interest in this subject as there were a couple of surveys carried out last year on this very topic. Read on to find out what kind of Valentine prospect you are!

Which Owners Spend More on Their Partners?

It’s a sad state of affairs when you discover that most car owners spend more on their vehicles than they do on their partners. Here are the findings from a survey carried out by Go Car Credit, 1,000 owners were asked about their relative spend on the car and their partners each month. They were also asked to compare the time they invested in both.

Ready for the results? Here they are, ordered from most to least romantic:

    1. Bentley owners come top in the romance listings. They spent the most on partners each month and dedicate a generous amount of time to be with them.
    2. Porsche drivers were generous when it came to spending on partners and dates but were mean with their time. Many say they prefer spending time with the real love of their lives – their car.
    3. Aston Martin, Tesla and Range Rover owners make pretty good Valentines – they all spend more money on partners than vehicles, and they’re generous with their time.
    4. Renault drivers spend twice as much on their cars as they do on their partners.
    5. Ford and Peugeot owners are pretty mean with their time – just under an hour a month with partners – and their average spend drives them down the table of shame.
    6. MG Owners are the least romantic vehicle owners – They spend less than any other owner on their partners, and rarely have dedicated time with them.

The CVS team is definitely not going to let on what cars we all drive!!

Our Relationships With Our Cars

Looking at the relative investment in our cars and our relationships, it’s reasonable to ask what kind of relationships we are looking for with our cars. did some research into this and found some pretty startling results.

A stunning 69% of owners admitted that it had been ‘love at first sight’ with their car. And 41% described their car as ‘perfect’, saying that there is nothing that they would change about it. 38% confessed that they were able to achieve a great relationship based on ‘mutual trust and respect’ with their vehicle.

And they say that the Brits are emotionally stunted!

For those readers who don’t have a Valentine this year, take heart. 51% of the drivers surveyed admitted that their perfect Valentine’s day would be spent with their car, rather than their partner.

Added Value from an Independent Garage in Shefford

However your Valentine’s Day is shaping up this year, remember that the CVS team is always here for you. If you need the perfect gift for your car – a new set of wheels perhaps – we can sort you out. Perhaps your vehicle is playing up, and you need a shoulder to cry on? Or maybe you worry there may be a problem that needs professional diagnostics; we can provide a safe pair of hands.

If you would like to book in a car service, or MOT, or you would like to talk to a technician about an issue with your vehicle, call us today on 01234 381555.